Rachel Gilmore


In looking at people to interview for ‘Love Like Yours‘, I wanted to find everyday people who were being discriminated against under the Australian governmental law for simply being who they are.

One of these people was one of my good friends, fellow activist and transwoman Rachel Gilmore. About a month a go I had the privilege of interviewing her and I won’t lie, her interview nearly moved me to tears. Rachel’s journey as a transwoman was heart-warming, inspiring and worthy of a documentary to be done just on her.

While we often push for same-sex marriage, we do sometimes overlook the “T” in LGBT. 

When Rachel got married nearly 24 years ago, she identified as a male. An aspect of her identity she struggled with for many years. However, it was during her marriage that she finally embraced who she really was, and that was identifying as a woman. Since then she has made steps to transition, changing her name, her appearance, taking hormone treatments, but she has come face to face with a hurdle in regards to changing her gender marker on her birth certificate.

Due to the Australian Marriage Act, for her to change her gender, she has to be single. This means that she has to divorce her wife of nearly 24 years, of whom she loves as much as the day they got married, if not more.

Rachel’s story really hit a nerve with me. The fact that legislation states that for her to accept her true self and changer her gender marker on her birth certificate, she has to divorce the very person she loves is an injustice and form of discrimination at worse. The fact that Rachel’s wife has stood by her during her journey of discovery as a transwoman shows that their love for each other is not on the basis of gender but on something so much more.

Rachel’s story is just one of many that will be featured in ‘Love Like Yours‘ that further cements the thought that “Love is like perfection, it comes in many different forms.”

Love does not discriminate and neither should the legislation set in place to govern it!

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