Rachel Gilmore: How the transgender community is effected by the Australian Marriage Act.


This past weekend was a busy one for the production of ‘Love Like Yours.‘ On the Saturday we filmed United We Dance For Marriage Equality. Two flash mobs, that I have to say was so much fun. Then on Sunday we had Equal Love’s Rally for Marriage Equality. Considering the extremely hot weather and the different day then usual, we still had quite a nice turn out. Speakers on the day shared the importance of marriage equality and how it also effects them personally. One such speaker was Rachel Gilmore.

As many of you are aware. Rachel was one of the first people I interviewed for ‘Love Like Yours’, her story as a transwoman and how the Australian Marriage Act effects her is without a doubt one of the most emotional stories I have heard and really touched me. I’d be lying if I didn’t say she has a special place in my heart.

On Sunday she gave one heck of a powerful speech and touched many of those that attended. As I’ve said previously, “While we often push for same-sex marriage, we do sometimes overlook the “T” in LGBT”, it was great to see her representing the transgender community at the rally, and I believe it opened up a few minds as to how the current legislation effects more then just gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Below is a copy of her speech transcript.

Hello everyone present…
I wish to thank the original owners of this land and for accepting the original boat people, my descendants sent in convict ships…
I say acceptance because that’s what we are all about as Australians… or that is what all my ancestors would have you believe …
There is no practice to that though!!! 

I am transgender and this Government whom believe in the “SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE” would choose to destroy every transgender persons marriage because they won’t change our gender markers WHILST we are MARRIED…
This is hypocrisy of the highest order and it disgusts me to my core… I would have to divorce a wife whom I love dearly just to fulfill a whim of rule makers… 
What of my darling wife Amanda, how is she to feel of an enforced divorce just for me to be happy in my SKIN !!!
This affects all of us in the spectrum of GLBTIQ…
Why are they so arcane … I ask you why because these people whom make these rules are hypocrites … they believe in the sanctity of marriage but allow marriage of convenience… this government and all the rules are wrong !!!
Any person of age whom is in love with another person of age , two people whom are committed to each other should have their bond recognised and celebrated legally for all of the community to see and for the participants to be glad and not subjugated to lesser status…
What do we want ??? and when do we want it ???
Where is the “ALL AUSSIE FAIR GO” ???
Marriage for anyone of legal age regardless of gender NOW !!!
It goes without saying Rachel was amazing Sunday, and I feel privileged to have been marching alongside with her.
For more photos of the Rally for Marriage Equality click HERE!
Photos courtesy of Brendan Burke.

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