A homosexual raising heterosexuals? Meet siblings Seamus and Phoebe Bradfield!


Too often in the fight for equal rights, we hear the phrase “What about the children?” being passed around. This is especially the case in regard to opponents of marriage equality.  Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Seamus and Phoebe Bradfield, two siblings who with their brother Cormac, were raised by their father who happens to be gay. He came out when they were children. Due to family issues the three moved in with their father.

For most of their childhood they were raised in a same-sex couple household. Knowing them personally I have had the privilege to interact with them on numerous occasions, and I won’t lie, the love they have for each other and their father is something that most families would be lucky to have. I have never seen such a close-knit family and there is a lot many can learn from their example.We discussed growing up with a gay father, how it effected them as individuals and a family, and also what they thought of the current legislation that is in place here in Australia.

There are those who say gay parents only bring up gay children, and looking at the Bradfield siblings this is definitely not the case. They feel that they are just like any other family if not closer then most and feel due to the fact that they have been brought up by a gay father are far more accepting then most. The bond they have for each other is unbreakable and to put it quite simply, anyone who would dare accuse their father of being a bad parent for being gay, would definitely get a good serve from all three of the Bradfield siblings.

I wanted to interview this family for the simple fact that too often we hear same-sex parents are inferior next to heterosexual parents, and in the case of the Bradfields, this is definitely not the case. I feel these kind of stories are important for the film as this is yet another example of how even though their father might be gay, his love for his children is just like that of a heterosexual father, if not stronger.

Their story is just one of many featured in ‘Love Like Yours’

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